How The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies Transcend Industry

by Admin, August 09 2021

Ideally, social media was meant as a platform for sharing photos and chatting with friends. However, the various social media platforms have morphed into primary marketing tools for businesses. For instance, in 2016, Instagram shot from 200,000 monthly advertisers to one million advertisers in 2017.

With these growth rates, brands must know which social media platforms to use in their various industries. However, businesses should not overlook the overall strategies that go beyond sectors. Strategies that should form the foundation of your social media marketing plan should be the importance of virality, compelling storytelling, authenticity, and brand visibility.

1.     Virality on Social Media

We have all seen the power of virality on social media. A video or post goes viral in a couple of hours, and the poster is thrust into instant fame. Regardless of the industry, every business person should understand the power of social media in exposing a brand to potential customers. Virality on social media has sped up digital marketing, and specifically influencer marketing.

In this digital era, a brand can start as a small unknown brand to an overnight sensation. This is a luxury that only digitalization and social media can offer, as this would have taken months or years to achieve. If you are a musician, Sound Cloud, Instagram or Facebook will serve you well; if you are selling products or services, Instagram and Facebook are the platform to be on, and so on.

2.     Compelling Storytelling and Authenticity

Virality may be a meal ticket to instant fame in some industries, but the trick to staying number one is compelling storytelling and originality. Naturally, people tend to gravitate towards brands that they relate with and share similar value systems. Maintaining uniqueness while growing your brand and chasing your purpose will help you establish loyal followers who become buying customers.

Originality in content creation may also mean hiring professionals to do the job for you. These professionals have excellent social media strategies that will ensure you maintain creativity and originality in your industry. Whether you tell stories via videos, vlogs or blogs, original content that your followers can relate to is crucial.

3.     Brand Visibility

In a competitive market, brand visibility on different platforms, no matter how much or little you earn from it, is crucial to your brand’s longevity. If you gain traction on a small platform, it will eventually pay off on other platforms.

Brand visibility depends on your target audience. Instagram caters for an audience of between 18-29 years, so depending on what you are marketing, Instagram could be the best platform or make no difference for your brand. If your target audience is older, Facebook is a better option as it caters for a broader demographic.


Social media can make or break your brand, regardless of industry. You have to know your audience and post on the relevant platform for your brand to gain traction. The most important things to keep in mind while on social media are the power of virality, compelling storytelling, maintaining authenticity and brand visibility.