Content Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate Optimization

by Timothy Munene, December 28 2021

Leveraging conversion optimization and SEO creates a balance in your content marketing strategy.

An organization can bank on the effectiveness of PPC (pay per click) to reach a wider audience. However, organic search also creates an opportunity to reach new customers.

Whether you choose to revamp existing website pages or generate new content, here are some content marketing tips you can adopt to enhance conversion rate optimization.

Develop Text-Based CTAs (call to action) in between Blog Posts

Including CTAs in blog posts is a great practice even though sometimes they do not encourage visitors to take action due to what experts call banner blindness. This occurrence that involves people getting used to overlooking banner similar data on websites, and the fact that visitors hardly read blog posts to completion trigger marketers to adopt a different approach. In this case, a text-based call to action becomes your go-to approach.

A proper call to action encourages and enables your customer to take action. An effective example of CTA would be adopting an appointment planning widget that allows potential customers to slate their appointments with ease without exiting your website.

Some studies suggest that CTAs contributed up to 6% of leads from blog posts while more than 90% of blog post leads happened from anchor text call to action alone. 

Create Powerful Content that Converts

Website content plays a crucial role in conversion optimization and affects individual website performance in organic search. Good quality marketing content can integrate conversion opportunities seamlessly. When it comes to developing new content, maximize SEO and conversions.

Design your content for human audiences and incorporate an SEO perspective and keywords. Remember, minimal but targeted keywords generate better results than high-volume keywords.

Apart from being clear, your content should be designed for conversion and integrate powerful and naturally placed CTAs. 

Balance PPC and SEO

Content marketing and SEO are critical cost-friendly strategies that offer great value. However, these strategies take time to bear fruits and could take more than five months of regular publication for you to see tangible results. Many marketers see the actual results after more than two years.

While slightly pricey, pay-per-click is a quick alternative that marketers can use to boost their conversion rates as they wait for more sustainable strategies to gain stability.

Strive to rank on top of search engine results pages for your core terms because it excites decision-makers. While they may not click on the ads, they will recognize your brand name which can have an impact on conversion over time.  

Boost Content Quality

To boost your conversion rates you must develop good quality content. A reliable fast content writing service can help you generate targeted content that meets the needs of your potential customers. Remember, you can publish numerous listicles but if none influences your target audience to convert then you are doing it wrong.

Strive to develop excellent quality content complete with carefully chosen keywords. Each of your posts should provide exclusive insights. Adopt an authoritative voice to communicate directly to the decision-makers.

Invest in original and properly researched leadership content. Remember, even the slightest enhancements in quality add value to conversion rates and the overall sales revenue. 

Revamp Your Website Design

Appearances play a major role in promoting business-to-business sales. Over three-quarters of eCommerce, customers say that design can affect their decision to purchase or not. Apart from being user-friendly and easy to navigate, your website should be fast and well designed.

Are you having a difficult time managing conversion? Execute back-end enhancements to clean the system. Invest in custom graphics and photography to communicate your visual brand story. When you finally launch a new and enhanced website, you will witness a significant increase in conversion rates. 

Focus on Transactional Keywords

Every content marketing strategy relies upon keyword strategy. You could be approaching the market based on all the terms you believe relate to your business. However, you should determine the number of times such terms demonstrate a robust resolve to buy.

Words such as company, solutions, and services suggest that users are seeking more comprehensive information. They want to purchase or identify a partner with whom they can collaborate. In this case, such terms are known as transactional keywords and they are crucial to boosting conversion rates for your content drive. 


You can boost your conversion rate optimization by using the excellent content marketing tips in this post.

You can hire a fast content writing service provider to assist you with generating good quality content that meets customer demands. 

The use of transactional keywords and an appealing website could be all you need to increase your conversion rate. 

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