The 5 Copywriting Tips and Techniques to Create Killer Content

by Admin, July 20 2021

The marketing industry thrives on storytelling. To succeed, attract the right audience, and increase conversions, marketers should master the art of telling a compelling story. Are you looking for the right strategy to persuade your target audience and ensure they use your products? Here are copywriting tips and techniques to create killer content. 

1.     Use Active Voice

Using active voice means the subject will be acting and not being acted on, making it authoritative. Content written in the active voice is short, more interesting, and easy to communicate and understand. For example, has published a new blog to help you improve your time management skills. 

The new blog published by is meant to help you improve and use your time appropriately.

The first sentence is shorter and easy to read and understand. You can begin your active voice sentences with a verb. For example:

Improve your time management skills with tips from our new blog post. 

Writing in an active voice makes your conversation constant. It gives readers a feeling of having a one-on-one conversation with you. 

2.      Ensure it is Skimmable

Many online readers scan through content to capture what they need fast. Ensuring your content is easy to skim satisfies their desires and prolongs their attention. Further, the content becomes easy to read and understand for every reader.

Use various formatting methods that split your content and attract readers to the page. Here are some practical copywriting tips to make your content skimmable.

  • Use various headings and subheadings
  • Format your content with underlining, italic, bold, and including color
  • Include numbered and bulleted lists
  • Write single line paragraphs
  • Include a video and images and have captions for each of them
  • Vary paragraph and sentence length

3.      Conduct Research

To write a compelling copy, conduct research based on the general subject. You should understand what you are writing about to create compelling content and increase conversions. Ask yourself:

  • What sets my services or products apart from my competitors? 
  • Are there research studies or surveys I can refer to, to improve my content?

A perfect example, in this case, would be mining for precious metals. You have to prospect, drill, excavate, and blast massive rocks before finding veins of your preferred precious metal. After that, you have to continue scrapping rock to uncover more products and collect enough metal to refine before selling. As a researcher, exercise persistence to improve your copywriting skills. 

4.      Master the Art of Empathic Copywriting

An excellent story expresses your audience’s language and strives to resolve their problems.  Empathic copywriting starts with why before addressing the how and what. The purpose of these words includes analyzing industry competitors and customer feedback. Strive to develop a clear copy that narrates a powerful story to your audience. Doing so could convert them into paying customers. 

5.     Read Widely 

A good copywriter is a committed reader. Research and read as many copywriting examples as possible, whether good or bad. Knowing how to separate good and bad copy improves your copywriting skills. Read sample copies to get an overview of how different brands write their copy. Doing so gives you a better understanding of the copywriting process through different voices and viewpoints.  


Excellent copywriting is a critical digital marketing concept. Conducting research and expanding your copywriting skills helps you differentiate between good and bad copies. With these copywriting tips you will write better copy that increases conversions.