How to Create Content That Ranks on Google

by Admin, June 28 2021

SEO or search engine optimization is a paradox. It is complex yet easy once you get the hang of it. However, one of the most effective tools in SEO is also the easiest to create, which is content. When you post great content on your website, it enhances your search rank, builds your brand, generates leads, and allows you to create meaningful connections with your customers.

Here are some of the ways you create content that will rank top on Google.

1.    Submit a Site Map

To rank on the top pages on Google, you need to ensure the search engine can locate your content. The best way for this is by building a site map and submitting it to Google. A site map is a file containing information about your web pages, videos, and any other files on your website and how they are related.

Search engines like Google or Yahoo read this file to enable them to crawl your site better. A site map tells a search engine which files and pages you think are crucial to your website. It also provides the engine with vital information on these files, such as last updated or other page language versions.

2.    Keyword Research

Before you embark on SEO content writing, do the following:

  • Perform keyword research.
  • Use keywords to gather ideas for your content rather than fit the keywords into previously written content.
  • Use these keywords as your foundation or base, and you will deliver rich content for your readers.

3.    Create Compelling and Useful Content

You can boost your content’s ranking by using various technical tricks. The best method requires not ricks, and it involves writing compelling yet helpful content. Your site visitors, and more importantly, Google, want compelling and high-quality content that is relevant to the readers. Ensure your content is professional and addresses your audience’s specific needs.

4.    Use Keywords Tactfully

Once you gather your target keywords for your content, strategically place them in the content. Use them in your title, meta description, headers, body content, and URL. Ensure you naturally insert the keywords in the content. Google penalizes sites that use keyword stuffing, which tries to manipulate the ranking of the content on Google.

5.    Consider the Searcher’s Intent

The best way to create customer-based content is to look for popular search terms related to your business. After finding these terms, create content around these terms so that your content shows up when searchers look for these terms. Then, ensure the content you create makes sense to your audience by determining what they are searching for and use it in your content.

6.    Use Descriptive and Accurate Title Tags

A title tag tells search engines and readers what the content on your site is about. Create an informative and descriptive title per page on the site. Keep it short and sweet with no more than sixty characters. Use keywords in the title tag when appropriate.

7.    Write Compelling Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a short write-up that summarizes the page for the reader. The meta description displays together with the page title in search engine results. Google uses it as a snippet if the description matches the user query. For the best results, write a compelling yet unique meta description for each site page. The description should compel the reader to click on your site for more information.


SEO is what improves your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, most readers do not go beyond the first Google results, and for this reason, you should work smart to ensure your page appears on the first page.