How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing for Your Online Business

by Timothy Munene, March 07 2022

All serious businesses have a website and have monetized the websites by running Google Ads. To increase visibility and improve Search Engine Optimization, having a Google business profile is critical. A free service called Google My Business (GMB) helps businesses and organizations manage their internet presence across many search engines.

Google My Business information specifics appear in Google Search and Google Maps based on the information provided by a business.

Why Do You Need An Optimized GMB (Google My Business)?

Google search is one of the most used search engines locally. Listing your business in the Google Business Profile lets more prospects know your business exists.

It is also a way of beating the competition out of the numerous online businesses.

Google My Business gives customers the first impression of your business. It offers finer details like contacts and an opportunity to interact with customers directly. Using direct messaging, you can engage with a business prospect and provide more information concerning your business.

How Do you Customize Google My Business ( GMB)?

 Get a Google Business Profile Account

The first step is to sign up for the business profile. Note that you need to have a Google Business account which is different from GMB. People should find you effortlessly by searching using keywords like, 'children parks near me,' if you have a business profile.

Be sure to sign up for a Google Business profile using your business email address, Gmail of course, rather than the personal one.

If your business has been running for years, first do a google search using your official business name. Should you find that your business is listed, declare it is yours.

Carefully Fill in Business Profile Details Required

Google asks businesses to state their name, local contacts, exact location, opening and closing hours, and embed a link of their working website.

You will also need to provide the business category. Find the perfect fit category as it contributes to SEO. The business category and working hours can, however, be altered later.

Confirm these details with a postcard sent through the post office.  The confirmation postcard may take one week or less to get to you.

Google My Business Optimization

After the information is verified, it is time to optimize your business profile using GMB. Sign up for Google My Business and provide all relevant information regarding your business.

Google My Business complements an organization's existing website by providing it with an online identity and presence through a Google listing. A  Google listing is not sufficient without a website.

Websites provide details on the various products and services. Businesses can seek affordable content writing services from professionals to ensure consistent, relevant, and informative website content.

  • Utilize Keywords

Include SEO-friendly keywords in the business description section. Additionally, these keywords should appear in all subsequent posts you publish.

  • Business Q&A

Generate a commonly asked questions list with answers.

  • Turn on Messaging on Google My Business App

Download the App and be keen to respond as soon as possible within 24 hours.

  • Add Pictures

Add high-resolution pictures of your business and in posts. The finest posts incorporate both pictures and links, but the links should always point to reputable sources. Photos should be real, 720 by 720, JPG or PNG, more than 10KB, and less than 5 GB.

  • Customer Feedback

Give customers a chance to provide feedback and rate you. Be sure to respond to both positive and negative remarks. It should be clear there was a follow-up for negative reviews, and the issue was resolved where possible.

  • Utilize Local Postings

You may immediately publish deals, events, products, and services to Google Search and Maps through posts on Google My Business.

Posts allow you to interact with your audience while also keeping your Google presence current.

  • Utilize the Unique Attributes Section

GMB has a new feature where businesses owned by blacks and women are featured. Additionally, it allows businesses to include extra features such as outside seating and the like.

·       Add to the Product Catalog

Provide visuals for the services and or products you offer. Include the prices.


Business profile optimization on Google Business listing is a must-do for any serious business owner. A complete look has a working website, details on the industry niche, high-quality images, consistent posts, testimonials and customer ratings,  contacts, answered questions regarding the business and its operations, and business working hours.