Increase Your Online Opportunities by Boosting Your Storytelling Skills

by Timothy Munene, November 15 2021

Many businesses use the internet to boost their sales and grow their customer base. There are so many websites on the internet and maintaining an online presence has become more challenging. However, you can outsource the services of a professional content writing service in Kenya to assist you with your brand storytelling.

Online presence includes everything that your potential and current customers can find on the internet about your business. Many customers are shifting their purchases from physical to online stores. As a result, e-commerce has become a core component of any business.

Unfortunately, most businesses have neglected this core part of every business because it requires a systematic approach and time. Keep reading to learn how an online marketing Kenya service can assist you to improve on brand storytelling skills.

4 Tips to Increase Your Online Opportunities

1.     Social Media Presence

An ideal social media presence will ensure that you are where your clients are. Brand storytelling extends beyond your digital or e-commerce shop. You must ensure that your brand is discoverable on search engines and has a presence on various social media platforms.

Social media is a crucial component of every online marketing strategy. You, therefore, need to carefully choose the right social media platforms so that you gain a competitive advantage. 

Before selecting the ideal social media platforms for your business, you need to understand your products and target audience. In addition, the user behavior and key attributes of the platform must match your target audience.

Look for a platform where your target audience hangs out most so that you don’t miss out on great opportunities. You should also be active by regularly sharing videos, pictures, and posts. A lot of work goes into ensuring that social media increases your online presence. It might be ideal to outsource an online marketing Kenya service provider to assist.

2.     Website Optimization

With the advances in technology, many customers search for services and products online. It is, therefore, necessary that your business has a website that increases online opportunities. However, with so many websites on the internet, your website may not serve the purpose if it is not properly optimized. 

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have websites, or if they do, they fail to maintain them regularly. Many companies fail to understand the importance of a website and solely rely on social media. In addition, some businesses may lack the skills or resources needed to develop and maintain a website.

Hiring a professional writing service in Kenya may ensure that both your website and content are optimized for search engines. Such optimization will ensure that your current and potential customers can easily find your website on search engines. A simple website that showcases your products/services, location, contact information, and customer reviews/testimonials is enough.

3.     A Professional Business Blog

A business blog can assist in increasing your online presence by raising awareness about your business and the services or product you offer. Blogging plays a crucial role in growing online opportunities, and your business should leverage its power.

Ensure that the content on your blog is relevant to your audience, well-written, and engaging. Most businesses use blogs to offer solutions to various problems their customers face. As a result, your customers will regularly be visiting your blog.

However, you must ensure that you regularly update the blog with fresh content about your brand. New and unique content will attract leads, increase conversion rates, and increase website traffic. Furthermore, you can outsource a professional content writing service Kenya who will help your blog improve its SEO ranking.

4.     Guest Posts and Email Marketing

Guest posts and email marketing are true methods of increasing online opportunities. Email marketing is an effective method of acquiring customers because it allows you to segment your target audience and create customized messages. You can also analyze data and determine which strategies work and those that don’t.

Guest posts will assist in brand storytelling by increasing your credibility and giving you targeted exposure. You can guest post on an established website with higher authority and more audience than your website. If the website viewers enjoy your content, they can follow your social media platforms and visit your website.


Increasing online presence is very important for all businesses because people are moving towards e-commerce. However, your business may lack the necessary resources in terms of skills and time to ensure that it has a vibrant online presence. Outsourcing a professional content writing service in Kenya may be the key to ensuring that your brand has the ideal online presence.