Amplify Your Lead Generation Efforts with LinkedIn Marketing

by Timothy Munene, November 29 2021

LinkedIn is one of the best networks for lead generation. The platform offers personal approaches to recognizing potential leads, interacting with them, and converting them into customers. Here are some LinkedIn marketing tips you can leverage to boost your lead generation efforts. 

Optimize Your Profile to Facilitate Engagement

Looking presentable on LinkedIn is critical. Remember, the platform comprises professionals trying to demonstrate their achievements and influence. Completing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO makes it user-friendly and catchy while enabling potential leads to recognize it. Your profile should include:

  • An approachable, clear, and professional headshot
  • A high-resolution image that points out your branding which can be used as a lead magnet
  • A title that outlines your company’s field of operation and role

You can leverage the “About” section to highlight your skill, achievements, and work results without replicating your resume. Consider including an elevator sales talk summary of you as a professional. Include the right keywords to facilitate lead generation through search. Potential customers can then search your brand organically from your profile.

Follow Old Leads First before Searching for New Ones

Lead generation is all about numbers and the more people you target the better your chances of making a sale.

Still, you want to ensure your leads are of good quality instead of gathering numerous leads, starting a conversation, stopping, and restarting the process from scratch. Doing so involves eliminating the follow-up step, which is critical in promoting lead generation.

Some studies suggest that while approximately 80% of sales require up to five follow-ups, a big percentage of marketers only send one, which the prospect could miss out on. You could end up losing a potential customer if you do not send them a follow-up message.

You also end up wasting the effort and time it took you to generate the leads. When should you send the follow-up message? According to experts, three days should be enough for the inaugural follow-up. You can even automate the follow-up process.

If you have your prospect’s email addresses then activate autoresponder emails to make the follow-up process hands-on. Some studies suggest that businesses that use automated lead marketing attract more than 400% good-quality leads.

Identify and Connect with the Appropriate Decision Makers

Suppose your goal is to proactively search and develop leads on LinkedIn. While handling the platform’s search function can be a difficult task identifying the right contacts and decision-makers can be easy.

Begin by typing a particular role followed by a company. You can either search the two terms together or separately, especially when searching for outreach potentials. Assuming you are attempting to search for an individual in a specific role at a particular company but are not quite sure who you are searching for.

You can easily launch the “People” tab of any company page. You will then receive a potential contacts list complete with the appropriate connections and their job titles. Before forwarding connection requests blindly, consider confirming the titles.

Seek to first connect with colleagues and coworkers instead of friends. Connections through friends can be valuable but connecting through coworkers and colleagues is better as they understand your working habits.

Remember you will be more interested in following an outreach candidate’s profile instead of connecting outright.

When you follow someone they will receive a notification without your contact requesting them to accept your request. This is an ideal way of introducing yourself to a prospect or lead without making them feel harassed.

Maximize the visibility of Your Profile Via Interactions and Posts

Understanding how the LinkedIn algorithm operates plays a big role in availing your profile in front of a bigger audience.

Being an active LinkedIn participant is one of the most effective ways of performing well in the algorithm. That involves generating and publishing good-quality content. You don’t have to be an excellent writer to post great content.

You can get some of the best content writing services from a wide range of providers available today. Reacting to posts and responding to comments regularly is another critical technique of ranking better on LinkedIn.

It does not take writing massive texts on LinkedIn to become active. Writing simple and short comments and reacting helps you increase your visibility to people who don’t follow you. 


Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO is the first step in telling potential connections about your brand. 

Follow-up is crucial in converting leads into buying customers.

Being active on LinkedIn increases your visibility to potential connections. 

Good-quality content is crucial for maximizing the visibility of your content.

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