Content Marketing Factors that Will Help you Rank High on Google

by Admin, July 02 2021

Everyone in marketing knows just how important it is to provide high-quality website content consistently. The challenge is in determining what quality content actually is. This is because, the content one person will consider to be quality, might not be qualified to another.

Then there’s the Holy Grail of all search Engines-Google. Every marketer wants to have their content ranked high on Google. Because Google gets more than 63,000 searches per second. This means, there are over 2-trillion searches on Google annually so, hiring the right SEO company could see your website getting its fair share of clicks.

Why does Google Analyze Content Quality?

Contrary to popular belief, Google’s requirement for websites to have the best SEO content is not made to make your life hard. Google ranks content because all they want is their users to have easy access to the best solutions and answers. If it’s important to Google users, then it is important to Google.

Factors that will have your Website Rank high on Google

With that in mind, here are some content marketing factors to help you rank higher on Google:

1.     Quality backlinks:

Backlinks are used to give Google a clear picture of your website’s relevance and quality. This means, if you have quality backlinks, you will look good to Google thus increasing your chances of being ranked high on Google. To get the correct backlinks, make sure you produce content your audience wants and consistently promote your content. The more the backlinks, the better.

2.      Content length:

Short content is more common than long ones. The reason being, producing long content consistently is not easy unless you have hired services from a company offering content writing services like Hiring SEO services is always worth it because your website will end up having content that is relevant and in-depth. As a result, your website's content becomes highly shareable, more engaging, and better looking to Google because their users get what they need.

3.      Domain Age, Authority, and URL

While some websites have been penalized by Google for having 'thin' content and a domain name that contains target keywords, such domain names can also boost your website. This will only work if the website has relevant and good-quality content.

4.      Mobile-friendly user experience

Nowadays, having a website with a good user experience increases your chances of ranking higher than your competitors. That is why Google has the RankBrain algorithm. It de-ranks sites that do not give their visitors an amazing user experience. To improve your user’s experience, increase your site’s page speed and make its copywriting mobile-friendly.

5.      CTR

Also known as the Click-Through-Rate, this Google algorithm was designed to measure a website’s SEO copywriting success. It is calculated by dividing your site's number of clicks by its number of impressions or views. The result shows your website's performance in SERPs.


These are just some of the many guidelines that will make it possible for you to rank high on Google. The higher you rank, the more likely your website will get clicks. These clicks can also be converted to customers which in the end will see your business grow in size and revenue worth.