SEO Content Writing Services that Every Startup Needs

by Admin, April 20 2021

Are you a startup entrepreneur? Today, SEO content writing services are crucial for the success of any marketing strategy. Combining SEO with content writing helps you generate 60% customer retention rates and approximately 72% more leads. In this article, we shall discuss:

  • Content writing services for startups
  • Benefits that startup can reap from a content writing service
  • Skills every SEO content writer should have to help clients achieve their goals.

SEO Content Writing Services for Startups

Many startup founders understand the importance of SEO content writers. However, they are unwilling to leverage them due to the cost implication. Entrepreneurs do not have to break the bank to get content writer services.

Before choosing a content writing service, you must understand the amount and type of content you need. Startup businesses need a constant flow of content to reap SEO benefits. Your target audience determines the type of content you use, and you can get skilled writers at affordable rates. Some of the effective SEO content writing services startup businesses can use include:

1.     Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where small business owners can source affordable yet experienced writers. Regardless of the type of content you need, you can find your ideal writer from Fiverr. Remember, the quality of work and price could vary, and for this, you need to exercise caution. Fiverr is a free-for-everyone virtual platform that lacks quality control. 

Why should you use Fiverr Content Writing Services?

  • The platform is ideal for entrepreneurs who need emergency or a regular stream of content.
  • It is an ideal source of writers at friendly prices.
  • You can negotiate the rates.


When it comes to Fiverr, it is worth mentioning that clients work one-on-one with the freelancer. As a result, you are neither assured of satisfaction nor do you get assistance in choosing the ideal writer. While the burden of choosing a writer lies on you, landing a suitable writer for your needs is worth the struggle.

2.      DIY Content Writing Services

You or your in-house team can start creating content for the startup. However, content writing can be time-consuming, which is why outsourcing works well. You will need to conduct extensive research and come up with the right strategy for your articles.

To succeed in DIY content writing, you should understand your target audience's needs, choose the best-performing keywords, and create unique content. DIY SEO writers should possess excellent research skills and understanding.

One of the drawbacks of a DIY content writing service is that you may already be too committed. Remember, the success of SEO content writing depends on consistency. Here are tips to help you get started.

  • Engage your customers or find relevant questions through the Answer the Public platform
  • Publish your articles on an appropriate content management system
  • Leverage a keyword finder such as Google Keyword Plannerto get the right keywords

3.      Trulink Solutions SEO Content Writing Service

Trulink Solutions is a content writing agency where clients from different parts of the world can source quality and affordable services. The Trulink solutions team is committed to delivering the right content that helps clients meet their goals. The ordering process is simple, time-saving, and clients are guaranteed of confidentiality. 

What Benefits do Startups Reap from SEO Content Writing Services?

Outsourcing to the appropriate SEO content writing service allows startup entrepreneurs to focus on important tasks. Here is why every startup should consider SEO content writing services. 

·       Content Writers help you Save Time

Professional and experienced writers understand a client's needs and can deliver quality work within the stipulated time. 

·       SEO Content Writers Understand Google and Other Search Engines

While startups may have excellent writers, knowing how to leverage Google to boost conversions, views and generate sales is critical. Apart from creating quality content, professional writers will use Google and other search engines to market the business and increase sales.

·       SEO Content Writing Services Bears Results

Does your startup business need web content, SEO content writing, product descriptions, or blog articles? Content writing service providers can reach and connect with your target customers efficiently. 

Skills of a Competent SEO Content Writer

Here are some skills that SE content writers should have.

·       Excellent Research Skills

Proper research is crucial for effective content writing. Not only does it add value, but it also boosts credibility. Finding interesting yet reliable information from authentic online sources is critical. Professional content writers are excellent resources that can help you acquire the right information for your startup. 

·       A Robust Understanding of SEO

Effective content writing service providers monitor SEO trends. Remember, readers should be able to find your content with minimal struggle. A good content writer understands how to use keywords appropriately, create SEO-friendly descriptions and titles, and observe Google algorithm changes. 

·       Proper Communication Skills

Do you have questions regarding an assignment? Ask the client for clarifications. Writing involves lots of communication, and you need to engage the client to guarantee the submission of quality work. A good SEO content writer handles clients officially. Always proofread messages before sending them to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

·       Excellent Editing Skills

A great SEO content writer is disciplined, patient, and detail-oriented. Apart from proper grammar, they focus on punctuation, spelling and watch out for overused words and repetitious points. Often, editing takes up more time than writing. 


Today, the digital space is overly competitive, and startups need robust strategies to thrive. Collaborating with an effective SEO content writing services provider is one of the best ways to guarantee business success. Leverage these tips to attract more customers, scale your business, and increase revenue. Visit our blog for more insights.