Tired of the Hustle of Hiring Freelance Content Writers?

by Admin, April 20 2021

In recent years, there has been an enormous demand for freelance writers. The start of the Corona Virus and subsequent lockdowns globally had more people working online. More businesses went online, thus the need for copywriters, bloggers, social media managers, etc.

There are thousands of freelance writers on the market, but there is still a shortage of writers with integrity, and who will deliver on time with zero excuses. If you are tired of the hustle of hiring SEO content writers, who keep disappointing you, read on to find out the solution. Clients face a lot of challenges in getting reliable freelance SEO content creators. How many of these issues have you encountered?

·       Lack of Communication

One of the biggest problems clients face with freelance writers is the lack of communication on task progress. The most significant risk with a freelance writer is that everything happens online. For an in-house writer, you can follow up on what they are up to, but you can’t do the same with a freelancer. You are literally working with a virtual person. If the freelancer goes mute and blocks you, it is over.

Have you ever had a freelancer go silent on you and end up not delivering? Then comes up with excuses well past the deadline? This forces you to get someone else to do the job, which is a colossal waste of time, and effort. Some will get emergencies, not communicate and let you know when it is too late that they cannot follow through with your project.

·       Taking on More Than They Can Chew

Some freelancers are out to make as much money as they can, which is understandable. After all, we are all out to make some cash! What is unacceptable is some people end up biting more than they can chew, with some over-promising and underdelivering, which does nothing for their reputation. As a result of taking in too much, they become overwhelmed and either deliver substandard work, deliver past the deadline, or do not deliver at all. This is highly inconvenient for you as the client, as you are also running to beat deadlines.

·       Poor Research

While being a freelancer is all about learning how to write on various topics, sometimes a freelancer may shoot themselves in the foot. A freelance content writer, as most do, will say they can write anything, then end up delivering very shoddy content. Some do not do enough research, and as a client, getting substandard work is unfortunately very common and extremely annoying.

Qualities of Good writers

Good writers come with different qualities. These qualities allow them to write top-ranking SEO content that will lead to high traffic on your website and lead to conversions, which means more money!         

1.     Dependable

There are tons of reasons why you should get dependable writers. The best of it all is that you have an easier workflow, and you can relax, knowing your project is in good hands. You can stop worrying about whether the writer will deliver, and you get an assurance that the writer will deliver your work before the clock strikes midnight. With a dependable writer, you never need to worry about whether the freelancer will do a number on you and disappear off the face of the earth!

2.     Delivers Top-Notch Work

The best freelance writer will deliver top-quality work free of plagiarism. A good SEO content creator’s most valuable asset is not how many articles they churn but their reputation. This is why most freelance writers get jobs on word-of-mouth recommendations.

3.     Good Researcher

We cannot profess to know everything- well, some people do, but the best writer should write on any topic on earth. This only happens as long as they make research a priority. Most good writers are literally walking encyclopedias!

·       Flexibility

A good writer should be flexible enough to meet the clients’ needs. Sometimes there may be a time difference, or the client has specific requests. A good writer should never be rigid but strive to work around a client’s needs. If clients are on a different timeline and on the other side of the world, a good writer can always make an exception and work on the clients’ timeline if need be, or work out a way that works for both of them.

How to get Good Writers

The common misconception is that the best writers charge an arm and a leg. These costly writers are not always the best but they ride on the myth that most clients believe in- the higher the price, the better the quality. Do not despair yet! It is still possible to get dependable freelance writers at an affordable rate.

TruLink Content Writing Services

As with freelance writers, there are hundreds of writing service companies on the market. A writing service will take on your task and assign the best freelancer for the job for a fee. The trick is to judge each writing service by merit. Look at the writing service company’s past work and go to the writing service’s website to see what their former clients say about them.

You can also use the good old word-of-mouth method and ask around about the company and its credibility. One such writing service you can try out is TruLink, a fantastic link to affordable writing services. The writing service offers affordable but top-quality and top-ranking SEO content writing. TruLink links you with top content writers who generate SEO content that leads to more conversions (read money).

Reputation in this business is everything! will follow up on your task's progress with the freelancer, sparing you the hustle. You can be sure that your work will be top-notch and crème-de-la crème SEO quality, and delivered right on time.


Writing is not easy, and most companies prefer to leave the hard work to the professionals. A top freelancer will write content that will bring in clicks, and conversions, aka the money we are all out here looking for! Concentrate on your core business and leave the writing to the gurus.